T.M.M. Experiences, Scotland's Premier Wild Camping Experience. 

A family run business started by Ritchie Nash in 2019. 

Winner of 5 awards to date this company believes in keeping ourselves grounded and making the outdoors accessible to all.



We group our Experiences under The Scottish Experience and The Scottish Kayak Experience.

The Scottish Experience is our supported treks or tours. Whilst the Scottish Kayak Experience is as you would expect more water-borne. 

All our Experiences are camping based.



As you would expect all our Experiences are based in Scotland. 

We have some set Experiences and some Walking Challenges and if nothing we do as standard works for you we can tailor a package to suit your needs.



Scotland is a beautiful country and we want to share that with everyone.

If that is not a good enough reason then there is the health benefits of being outdoors, the peace, the tranquility, the views....Really the question should be....Why Not?


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Tel: 01355 459538