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T.M.M. Experiences started life in 2017 as The Mountain Men, or rather we started as a group of work colleagues off to climb Ben Nevis for charity. Initially there were 8 guys and 3 ladies, all 3 ladies and 1 of the guys dropped out and the remaining 7 were nicknamed "The Mountain Men"...It stuck.

Somewhere along the way Ritchie Nash who organised everything introduced our Navigation Course as a way of passing on years of skills from a lifetime of both living outdoors and serving in the British Army.

In March 2019 Ritchie made a bold move and started The Mountain Men Ltd as a stand alone business with the introduction of "The Scottish Experience", our wild camping experience showing off Scotland.

As time marched on both the experiences and the courses began to grow at a promising rate and after a successful start 2019 saw us win a global award. "Tour Company of the Year: Scotland" was awarded by the Travel & Hospitality Awards (awarded for 2020) much to our surprise and delight. 

2020 was a strange year as we are all too aware, in March Covid-19 took hold and everything ground to a halt, 3 months of pacing back and forth and a lot of wishful thinking. We did get out eventually and a lot of happy and possibly relieved customers enjoyed some amazing trips. The year culminated in a 2nd global award, again from the Travel & Hospitality Awards and this time "Excellence in Service". We may need to buy a trophy cabinet soon.

2021 introduced us as T.M.M. Experiences. We took the decision to change the name for 2 main reasons and to cut out any confusion, we never have been a male only group and our experiences are about showing Scotland off in all her beauty not just taking you up hills.

2021 also saw the introduction of our Scottish Kayaking Experience where we take to the water in very safe inflatable kayaks and further show off our amazing country. We started the West Highland Way Challenge which brought expansion and 2 vehicles out full time and the icing on the cake we won the "Camping Experience of the Year" award from Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards and we are immensely proud of our service to you.

2022 is here and it has started well for us, we have expanded our team to give us more flexibility and we now have a 3rd van on the road. We also found out we have won our 3rd Global Award and 2nd National Award. Not bad for only 3 years in business. This year we have been announced as "Adventure Tour of the Year: Scotland" by the Travel & Hospitality Awards and have won "Camping Experience of the Year" for the 2nd year running, thanks to all of you and the Prestige Awards. Thanks once again to everyone out there for their support and loyalty.

Underpinning everything we do are 3 important standards..."Quality, Fairness and Value". People often comment we are "too" cheap but we believe we offer you value for money, we do not and will not subscribe to the rip off culture we all know exists. So please don't think we are "cheap", we offer an excellent service at a value for money price and we are proud to do so. 

Meet the Team

20211023_073911 (3).jpg

Ritchie is the driving force and the brains behind T.M.M. (yes it is I writing this.) 

Ritchie was a career infantry soldier and instructor and loves the outdoor life and Scotland as a whole.

Ritchie comes into his own in and around a campsite and enjoys the quiet moments shared around the fire.


Davie is our right hand, assisting Ritchie in ensuring we give you the very best experience possible.

As you would expect he too is keen on the outdoors, indeed given the choice neither of them would ever be indoors.

Davie turns up when he can and whilst not employed by T.M.M. he is a valuable addition to the team.


Joe is....well Joe, if you are lucky enough to meet him you will understand that statement.

Joe is a behind the scenes in your face bloke who turns up from time to time and tries to get everyone to sing. Another ex soldier Joe needs the outdoors and is never happier than when he is round the campfire with a dram in one hand and a captive audience.


Ryan absolutely is not an outdoors enthusiast, far from it. Luckily he is a whizz on the computer because as our Office Manager that is where he will be spending most of his time. 

He does have an in with the boss however as Ritchie is his step dad. 

A touch compulsive when he finds something he likes, his skills will be put to good use.


Jeanette is semi retiring in 2022 to pursue more of the things she loves to do and that includes getting outdoors more.

A bit more gentle than some of the team she will bring a different approach to your experience, it may mean you wake up to yoga or wander around in a silent disco, dancing is likely to feature and well we don't think you will be bored around Jeanette.


Karen loves walking, climbing, kayaking, camping and outdoor adventures, we think she is in the right place then. 

Having been out with us on numerous experiences in the past Karen is keen to be set free and get in the water, yes you read it right, every chance she gets it's down to the swim suit and in she plunges, brrr. 

Karen is looking forward to sharing her adventures with you.


Chris often has more important things to do with his time than play around with us, bringing up Ritchie's grandchildren and looking after his daughter are the main things. From time to time though he loves and needs to escape and what better way to do so.

Chris probably doesn't realise how much he does for us and is an important part of the team and supports the business in a multitude of ways.


Herjinder loves the outdoors and the open water, you can often find her up to her neck in it somewhere, usually with a bonnet on. 

It is never likely to be dull around her and if it is looking like it might be she can always use hypnosis to ensure you have had a good time.

One thing we know for sure she will always strive to look her best as her makeup is never very far away, kept safe in one of quite a few handbags.


Gordon is no stranger to the outdoors being another ex infantry soldier.

Always ready with a smile and a bit of banter you are in safe hands, well that is when he puts on a t-shirt, the sight of Gordon in just a body warmer can be a bit much.

Seriously though he has a wealth of knowledge, a joy for the outdoors and will look after in a manner only an ex squaddie can.


Sandra is our new WHW Co-ordinator. A hard worker and lover of the outdoors Sandra was ready for a change of lifestyle and fresh start.

She comes to us full of energy, enthusiasm  and good humour.

She completes our team for the time being and we are all looking forward to working alongside her.


Our multi award winning all inclusive wild camp experience is the ultimate way to explore Scotland. From the outset we take care of everything, we supply all the equipment you need during your experiences, tents (or hammocks), sleeping bags, even a head torch. You come with sensible clothing and a sense of adventure.

As the title suggests we will be showing off Scotland and we have a range of experiences which help you get what you want out of your time with us. Visit the islands of Skye or Arran, take a road trip on the North Coast or test yourself with our West Highland Way Challenge where we fully support you throughout your 6 day trek from Milngavie to Fort William, thousands of people complete this walk every year and rest assured when you finish it you will be both relieved and elated at completing.

Maybe you prefer a more relaxed walking holiday, if so why not try our Arran Coastal Way Experience, Scotland in Miniature will not disappoint. 

If you have other ideas we can even tailor your very own Scottish Experience, tell us exactly what you want to achieve and let us figure it out for you. No crazy prices either, whilst we might enjoy a walk we will never hike up the prices, remember "Quality, Fairness and Value." 

Fancy a bit more adventure, want to see the sights other companies can't show you, need a different perspective on life then why not try one of our Kayak Experiences. We use inflatable kayaks for these, the boats are incredibly stable in the water and after 5 minutes in one you will feel right at home. Sit back in the comfy seat and enjoy the experience and the scenery.

Choose between our Lochs & Islands or our Great Glen Way Experiences, our Lochs & Islands will see you explore Scotland's amazing waterways and with luck even spend a night or 2 on one of the remote islands. The Great Glen Way is more of a challenge, 60 miles, 5 days, Fort William to Inverness covering the Caledonian Canal including Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and Loch Ness. Sounds hard doesn't it? Yet we have allowed plenty of time to enjoy this and nobody will pressure you at any point. At all times, on all our experiences we want you to relax, enjoy your time and make great memories.



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Camping Experience of the Year: Scotland

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