The BackPacker Experience

The BackPacker Experience differs from The Scottish Experience in one crucial way, you will at some point be carrying your home on your back as the name would suggest. To ensure this is not too much of a chore for anyone we supply lightweight equipment and pre-prepared meals which take little to no effort to prepare.

Prior to putting in any of your own personal kit a typical pack will weigh around 12kg's. Carrying your home on your back for a short distance allows us to access the more remote locations in Scotland, the stunning places that most people will never even know exist. Trust us when we say it will be worth the effort.

When you come to us we will already have prepacked

your rucksack, you will have everything you need for a comfortable night in the wild, from a tent right down to spare batteries for your head torch.


Your day will be similar to that of a Scottish Experience

in that we will tour for a bit, stop for lunch and then head

to an arranged parking area, from here we will sort the

packs and lead you on foot to your night time location. 

On arrival we will set camp, there will be a minimum of

1 staff member on site to assist, once set you are free to

explore the area.

As we have packed pre-prepared meals you can eat when you want, you will have your own stove and pot set, make a brew, have your dinner, heat some water in your bottle to put inside your sleeping bag if you wish. You are completely at liberty to do your own thing. Equally you are more than welcome to sit by the fire with our staff.

In the morning get up when you want, make breakfast when you want, you get the idea. On the trip back we may have one or more places to visit depending on where we have ended up in the nightime.

We have 3 different BackPacker Experiences to choose from, 1st there is The West Highland Way Experience, then there is The Mystery Experience, people love this one and trust us when we say you will be guessing all day as to where you are going. Last but surely not least is our Lochs & Islands Experience, this one features a couple of Canadian Canoes and opens up a world of possibilities. It is a step up on the mystery theme. We never reveal your night time location on any of our Experiences as we love the reveal and our mystery experiences are a step beyond, you may be going west only to end up on the east coast, vice versa, you may go north or central, only we know ultimately where you will end up that night, we do promise it will be amazing and we do promise you will have a fantastic experience, sit back and enjoy the romance of the occasion.