Social Responsibility 

Here at The Mountain Men Ltd we believe it is everyone responsibility to make sure we make as little an impact on our beautiful country as possible.

With that in mind have taken steps to ensure we play our part. These include the following:

  • Responsible Camping following the Leave No Trace policy. We always clean up after ourselves and take away any additional rubbish left behind by previous users.

  • Our policy to pick our guests up and drop them home ensures minimal traffic on the road thus keeping the carbon footprint down. 1 vehicle instead of 8 or 9.

  • We carry drinking water (in reuseable containers) for all our guests thus alleviating the need for numerous plastic bottles, less bottles, less recycling.

  • Our Plant a Tree initiative will see us planting our own grove of trees as part of Scotland's Re-wilding programme and we aim to plant one tree per experience ran. So you can take heart that when having fun you are also giving back to the environment and helping restore Scotland's beauty.

  • Since 2020 we have been shopping local to give back to the communities we pass through. 

  • We believe education is key and so we teach as we go and pass on our knowledge and skills to our guests.