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Navigation and Safety Course

Our 6 hour navigation and safety course is taught by an ex Infantry training instructor and is designed to cut through the bull and teach you what you need to know to make our hills and treks safer for you. Now the emphasis is on teaching you with some participation but only you and practice can make you a better, more confident navigator. We can give you the tools, you need to spend the time becoming familiar with them.

Our course will cover navigation with a map and a compass, still the most effective way to ensure your safety in the modern world, we will discuss what kit to carry and how to deal with emergency situations. Now you may think that is a lot to cram into 6 hours, especially as we give you 40 minutes for lunch but we have been doing this effectively for a lot of years and the systems we will teach you work, oh and it is not rocket science, no equations, no complex maths, just good old tried and tested techniques that will stand you in good stead when out walking.

Our courses run from late October through to early March and yes sometimes the weather will be cold and wet or both, wrap up when needed and know that if you can do it in the worst of conditions you can do it anytime.

£45.00 per person, per session, you should only need 1 session (and some practice).

Navigation and Safety Course Dates

(all courses start 9:30am unless stated)

22 Oct: Cathkin Country Park (Glasgow)

23 Oct: Garadhban Forest (Lomond)

30 Oct: Yellowcraigs (Lothian)

06 Nov: Sware Carpark, (Peebles)

20 Nov: Almondell Country Park (Livingston)

04 Dec: Garadhban Forest (Lomond)