Frequently asked questions

What kit do we need to bring with us?

We supply all the equipment you need, from tent down to head-torch, you need only bring sensible clothing for the time of year and a sense of adventure.

Can you cater for my diet?

In a nutshell (or not if you are allergic) the answer is yes, at time of booking we will request you to inform us of any dietary requirements and we will ensure we can accommodate your needs. We will ask you about allergies also as this is important to ensure your safety and well being.

What about the weather?

It is Scotland, we can have all 4 seasons in one day but our experiences are tailored to ensure no matter the weather you still have a great time and get to see some stunning places. In some ways the dramatic weather only adds to Scotland's beauty and charm.

Why do you call them experiences, are they not tours?

Simply put because we believe all our trips are experiences. Now that is not us being conceited as we will always strive to be that bit unique. Tour operators work to stringent timings and we have no such restraints. We have one timing and that is your pick up time, once everyone is on board the clock watching stops which allows you to relax and get the most from every location. If you here us ever utter the phrase "You have 10 minutes here" then we have failed. You may join us thinking you are setting off on a tour but when you leave us you will be marvelling at your experience.

Can I bring the family dog?

Whilst we have had a dog on a previous experience and may have again the standard answer is unfortunately no. The reason for this is it is unlikely you will be alone on your experience and there will be other guests, we are not able to confirm how they feel towards dogs, they may be nervous, scared or even allergic and therefore we have to say no. However if you book the experience in full and your group is happy for your dog to come along then we are fine with that. Note: If you do bring your dog there will be a £40 surcharge for addtional cleaning of vehicle after the event. The one exception is The West Highland Way Experience, we understand you are going to be out walking for a few days and your faithful companion should be with you and so we are happy to accept dogs on this experience at no additional charge, please ensure you bring food and bowls for your pet (we will carry it on a daily basis).

Exactly how are we accommodated?

Now that will depend. The BackPacker Experience as the name suggests is a lightweight experience and you will be carrying your camp set up on your back, for that reason it will be small lightweight tents, lightweight sleeping mats and bags and minimal kit. On the other hand the remainder of our experiences are more wild glamping with large walk in tents, folding cot beds, chairs to sit on and even a covered portable toilet. We sleep as a maximum 6 to a tent (8 person tent) but we will look at the makeup of the group and decide how best to split you up, you may be in one tent as a family or group or you may be split with other guests. If you prefer to sleep alone you can request this at time of booking but understand our individual tents are smaller and will not accommodate a folding cot bed. If you wish to bring your own tent and equipment you are welcome to do so but we would ask you to let us know so we can leave some kit behind (room can sometimes be at a premium). Note: at no time will we allocate female guests and male guests in the same tent if they have just met. As a result of Covid-19 more use of single person tents is being employed.

What is wild camping?

In Scotland we are fortunate to have the Outdoor Access Code, in a nutshell it means we are entitled to go anywhere we like within reason and so long as we act responsibly. Wild camping takes advantage of this act and means any camping that is not on a dedicated camp site.

Are there restrictions on age?

For our Experiences our age bracket is 3yrs old and up, children will need to occupy there own seat in our minibus, booster seats can be provided on request. For our courses a rough guide would be 7yrs old and up but each child has there own individual personality and you will know better than us if they are keen to learn. No matter the age the lead booker has to be atleast 18yrs old and responsible for their group, if we feel someone underage has booked we will refuse travel.