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The Great Glen Way Kayak Experience

Fort William to Inverness in 5 days, weather permitting. This trip is not Inverness or bust, rather it is designed for everyone to enjoy their time on the water. Using sturdy inflatable kayaks your guide will decide on how far you go each day based on their experience of the water and conditions. The views to be had of the Great Glen are simply phenomenal and there is no better way of appreciating them than from the water, well unless you have a helicopter. 

This is possibly one of, if not the best experience we have to offer at the moment and one you really need to do. If relaxation and fun whilst fulfilling a sense of adventure is your goal, well why wait, book now.

Fully Supported

Here at T.M.M. Experiences we will fully support you throughout your adventure. We will supply the kayaks and safety vests, aswell as all the camping equipment including tents, sleeping bags and self inflating mats. We will feed you 2 meals a day and even carry emergency lunch incase we can't put in somewhere suitable. Our support driver will go ahead and put the tents up on day 1 and be there to greet us when we finally beach and will return for us on the last day, wherever we end up.


Costs and Planning

The cost for this all inclusive challenge is £350.00 per person, book now and secure your place with only a 20% deposit.

Packing List