The Great Glen Way Experience

Always fancied doing the Great Glen Way challenge, what about doing it with a twist? No walking on this trip as it will all be done on water. Here is how…

The Great Glen Canoe Trail is Scotland’s first dedicated long-distance trail for canoes and kayaks. It runs along the Great Glen and the 60-mile route includes 29 locks. We have allowed a leisurely 5 days to complete this adventure. We’ll be camping along the way and with a bit of luck, will have the wind at our back the whole trip to help us on our way

Day 1: Banavie to Loch Lochy

After pickups we will head straight to Fort William and the start of the trail at Banavie where we will prepare and begin our journey following the Caledonian Canal. This will be a gentle introduction and give you time to get acquainted with your kayak and how it handles, starting of from the locks known as Neptune’s staircase. As we pass Gairlochy you will get your first taste of open water as we enter into Loch Lochy and make camp.

Day 2: Loch Lochy to Kytra

After a stunning first night and some well earned rest we will set off staying close to the shore as we make our way across Loch Lochy, although it doesn't look like it the loch is part of the Caledonian Canal and will be a stunning day filled with beautiful scenes, we will take our time and take plenty of photo’s no doubt. At the end of Loch Lochy is a more recognisable canal which will lead us into Loch Oich  and our 2nd stretch of open water, the scenery here will not disappoint and as we edge back into a more recognisable stretch of canal and the nights camp there are sure to be some last looks back.

Day 3: Kytra - Foyers (Loch Ness)

The start of day 3 will be gentile as we prepare for the mighty Loch Ness, possibly the world's most famous inland waterway and the largest loch in Scotland by volume of water, interesting fact: Loch Ness contains more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined.

And then there is the monster, or to us oor Nessie, now don't worry Oor Nessie is a friendly sole but timid and hey if she does hang around long enough for a good photo think of the money you could make lol.

Loch Ness itself is a monster of a waterway and so we will be camping halfway across and you will get to spend the night on the shores of this famous and beautiful loch.

Day 4: Foyers to Dochgarroch

Day 2 on "The Loch" and we will pass Urquhart Castle, a different view point than most get of this ancient monument built in the 13th century.

At the end of the day we will head into gentler waters and towards the night camp to reflect on 3 mighty achievements of traversing Lochs Lochy, Oich and Ness. 

                                                                                                           Day 5: Dochgarroch to Inverness 

                                                                                                           Our last day or morning will traverse quickly as we head to Inverness                                                                                                             and meet our transport. Gentle water mostly with the exception of the                                                                                                             odd passing boats. Sad faces all round as we come to the pontoon                                                                                                                 where we will unload and pack but hey it is T.M.M. nobody is in a                                                                                                                     rush, we don't do timings. If our transport waits 10 minutes, an hour or                                                                                                             4 hours for us it will be there, enjoy your last day, enjoy the last looks                                                                                                             and enjoy the whole experience.

By the end celebrate your achievement because let us tell you it will be an achievement to be proud of and look back on. Well done. Our timings allow for bad weather and we may push on or slack off depending on the weather at any time and as the group agrees.

Suitable for all, gentle introduction to kayaking prior to hitting open water. 

All Inclusive Price: £285.00  Family and group discount available, please enquire prior to booking.

Included in your trip:

- ​​Travel from and back to Glasgow City Centre, (other pickups by arrangement) - Kayaks, safety vests - Assorted refreshments in mini bus

- All required equipment for overnight camps, including tents (hammocks available on request), sleeping bags, rucksack style dry bags, etc

- guide

- Dinner - Breakfast - A selection of beverages on site, incl tea and coffee


Not included:

- lunch

Terms and Conditions Apply, click legal for details

Note: we will supply everyone with safety equipment including vests (unless bringing your own), all boats will be radio linked and travel together throughout and all your kit will be placed in dry sacks with rucksack style straps. Each boat will have it's own individual sail so if the weather allows we can power through the water for a spell, these are simple to use sails and can deploy quickly. 

It is advisable to bring good waterproof shoes for getting in and out the boats and ensure you have dry clothes to change into when we hit camp, oh and a towel.

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