Here at The Mountain Men Ltd, we believe it is everyones responsibility to make sure we make as little an impact on our beautiful country as possible. With that in mind we have taken steps to ensure we play our part. These include the following:

  • Responsible Camping following the Leave No Trace policy. We always clean up after ourselves and take away any additional rubbish left behind by previous users.

  • Our policy to pick our guests up and drop them home ensures minimal traffic on the road thus keeping the carbon footprint down. 1 vehicle instead of 8 or 9.

  • We carry drinking water (in reuseable containers) for all our guests thus alleviating the need for numerous plastic bottles, less bottles, less recycling.

  • Our Plant a Tree initiative will see us planting our own grove of trees as part of Scotland's Re-wilding programme and we aim to plant at least one additional tree per experience going forward. So you can take heart that when having fun you are also giving back to the environment and helping restore Scotland's beauty. 

  • Since 2020 we have been shopping local to give back to the communities we pass through. 

  • We believe education is key and so we teach as we go and pass on our knowledge and skills to our guests.

We have teamed up with VisitScotland and Unesco to help bring you the World's very first digital trail. Here you can explore some of our amazing spaces without getting up from your chair, though we suggest making a coffee first.

A word from VisitScotland:

Scotland is a country rich with wondrous places, and at VisitScotland we know it can be difficult to explore them all: there’s always a little undiscovered corner of the country just waiting to be discovered. Together with UNESCO we have launched the world’s very first digital UNESCO Trail.

Connecting all of the Scottish locations recognised by UNESCO as ‘Designations’. This includes six World Heritage Sites, three Creative Cities: Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, two Biosphere Reserves, and two Global Geoparks.

UNESCO (a part of the UN) aims to recognise and conserve the world’s most special places, and considering Scotland’s small but mighty size, we think it is incredible that our country is recognised in not one but 13 different ways!

Adding to the already world-renowned tourism industry Scotland boasts, the trail allows Scots and visitors alike to take a cultural journey across Scotland, experiencing the very best of science, music, literature, nature and history.

From exploring the ‘City of Literature’ in Edinburgh to the ‘Biosphere’ of Wester Ross, here’s what you’ll find on the UNESCO trail. 

World Heritage Sites

A world heritage site can be anything from a sublime landscape to a vibrant city. To be classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, a place must be something of world-renowned significance and also occupy a special place in history. The new trail boasts six World Heritage Sites: St Kilda, The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh, The Heart of Neolithic Orkney, New Lanark, The Antonine Wall and the Forth Bridge.

Creative Cities

UNESCO launched their Creative Cities Network in 2004 to promote cities that have had their creativity play a major role in their development. Of the 246 cities across the globe crowned as Creative Cities. Scotland is home to Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Dundee was given its Creative City title in 2014 and is the UK’s first-ever UNESCO city of design. The city is home to the hugely popular video game Grand Theft Auto not to mention the V&A Dundee and the comic book hero, Desperate Dan. 

The capital, Edinburgh, was awarded its Creative City title back in 2004 and is the first-ever UNESCO city of literature. World-renowned writers like JK Rowling and Robert Burns have all found inspiration on the city’s streets. 

Finally, Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland, was crowned its Creative City in 2008, making it UNESCO’s first-ever city of music. The city owes its title to its burgeoning music scene (the chant “here we, here we...” springs to mind). Boasting venues like the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and the huge Ovo Hydro, there is always some sort of gig happening in the city.

Biosphere Reserves

A biosphere is where Scots and visitors to Scotland can witness sustainable development in action. A biosphere is an area with inter-connected ecosystems that support a diverse array of native flora and fauna. The communities that live within them also make a living off their natural resources. There are currently 713 biospheres globally, and Scotland is home to two of them: Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere and Wester Ross Biosphere.

Global Geoparks

A geopark is a single and intact geographical area which is considered of geological and scientific importance. These places are protected to allow us a better understanding of the geophysical, oceanic and climatic forces which shape our country, both past and present. There are currently 147 global geoparks and two in Scotland: The North West Highlands Global Geopark and the Shetland Global Geopark.

Scotland's Digital Trail

A World First