2021 Let's take the leap

One week until Xmas and there is nothing more we can say about 2020 other than be safe and well through the festive period and enjoy it as best you can.

Hogmanay is going to be a non event and no doubt there is some pain to come early next year but regardless we are taking the leap into 2021, COME WITH US!

Everyone has suffered this year, some more than others but this global pandemic has hit us all, we won't let it beat us and despite some massive set backs this year we are planning to come back bigger and better in 2021 and we want you to share in the joy with us.

As we move into our 3rd year we have made a few significant changes to our make up and added two new experiences which we are really excited about.

First off there is our name change, not totally moving away from The Mountain Men but rather dividing our business with the Experiences now falling under the banner of T.M.M. Experiences. Our experiences are not about the hills and mountains, they are about Scotland and seeing it in a unique and amazing way. Our wild camping experiences are for everyone, there is no need to worry about levels of fitness or what gear you carry. Come along and relax and have a great time seeing Scotland, that is our goal.

Whilst we are on the subject of our Experiences we can confirm all your favourites will return next year, Skye, NC500 and the Mystery Experience go from strength to strength. Our experiments with the Arran Experience and the Lochs & Islands Experience were successful enough to add them to the portfolio on a permanent basis and for 2021 we will be introducing both the West Highland Way Experience and the Outlander Experience. You can find out more about both here on our website.

Our courses will continue in 2021 under the name of The Mountain Men, we have become a trusted and alternative way to access value for money and effective training for the hills and other walks and we will continue to travel all over Scotland to ensure if you want the training you can have it and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to get it.

Our courses are not about profit, they are about giving you the skills and the confidence to get out there and enjoy our outstanding scenery, get off the beaten track and be at one with nature.

We will continue with both the Hill Navigation Course and the Winter Navigation Course and yeah you guessed it, details of where we will be and when can be found here on our website.

Note we are still running restricted numbers at this time so courses tend to fill up pretty quickly.


Staycation, holistay, call it what you like but a lot more of us will be staying close to home in 2021 when it comes to holidays. Uncertainty in other countries, insurance, restrictions, flight costs, good grief even the fact we are leaving the European Union will have an affect on what we do next year.

For us this is a good thing for, well, the obvious reason but also because a lot more of you will get to enjoy your own backyard. We have an amazing country and we love that a lot more people will get to enjoy it in 2021. For this reason we urge you to book early to avoid disappointment.

This year come the bells we will be raising a glass, we will have you all in our thoughts because as we said at the start we have all been affected by this pandemic.

Though we won't be waving goodbye to 2020, no we will be leaping into 2021. Taking that jump with hope in our hearts and plans in our head. We are leaping into a better tomorrow and we hope you all leap with us. Stay safe and well everyone.

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