How we are staying sane!

Okay I get some of you out there will be laughing at this, TMM AND SANE in the same sentence, we know, we know.....but hey maybe it helps to be a bit nutty at the moment.

So what have we been up to during lock-down to keep us from going over the edge?

Well probably like most of the world's population nothing very exciting on the surface.

Unable to get out to work we have been pretty much confined to our homes for excruciatingly long periods of the day, every day, there is only so much climbing the walls anyone can stand. (And so much Downton Abbey anyone should be forced to listen to, yes Ritchie's wife has discovered this programme much to R's dismay).

Luckily there has been short periods of escape however, Ritchie with his hospital runs twice a day taking key workers there and back again, Davie with his wood clearing work out his back, doing a fine line in firewood which we will make great use of in the future. The all important trip to the shops now and then (yes Ritchie still hates it even though it is fairly quiet).

There have been a few zoom meetings with business experts and some just for fun. The meetings with the experts (note no expletive in front of the word experts, these people actually do know what they are talking about unlike those Facebook eejits we refer to from time to time) have led to some additional work but we think the results are outstanding and we hope you notice the difference.

There has been some fighting with various governments for funding, to date none have come to fruition but we are still hopeful (we are not really but hey positive mental attitude n all that).

We have spent some time on the vehicles to make sure they are ready and even tidied the store, well almost tidy, sort of organised chaos if you like....

And then there is contingency planning, yes that is a very broad subject, hampered mostly because none of us and we include the various governments in this, seem to have a clue what the future is going to bring, exactly how do you plan for restrictions which may or may not come, what is common sense and what will be allowed? Only time will tell.

Suffice to say whilst we have been a wee bit busy, like most of you we have not been out enjoying the freedom we know and love, we have missed quite a few experiences so far and that hurts, especially given the weather we have been observing from our windows but.........

.....and it is a BIG BUT, things will get better, we will get there and we will do all the things we love once again, we will hug each other, laugh together and enjoy both the sun and the rain together. We will make those experiences and they will be all the more memorable and magical when we do. So hang in there people, we know it is tough, we know you deserve so much better and we know you are tired, scared and frustrated, we all are, remember the BIG BUT and we will get there.

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