Introducing The Lochs & Islands Experience

New for 2020 The Lochs & Islands Experience. (available to book now).

This ultimate remote wild camping experience is based on our BackPacker Experience but with the added addition of Canadian Canoes. That's right, we have just opened up our beautiful country that wee bit more. We can take you to places nobody else will even consider.

Our canoes will carry 3 adults and kit easily, we can even manage 3 adults and a child or 2 adults and 2 children per canoe and we have 2 canoes available.

The Canadian is a very stable canoe and fun to use, a workhorse for many years this vessel will see you safely through the water. After some quick instruction and safety briefings we will have you out on the water and off to explore remote locations in no time.

As per all our experiences we will supply everything you need for the duration of your time with us. That includes buoyancy aids, overnight accommodation, food, toiletries etc, if you need it we will supply it.

Our Lochs and Islands Experience is available to book now, limited to 5 adults (we can take more depending on group makeup, children etc) this experience is already proving very popular and will be the ultimate way to get out there and relax this summer.

Ready for adventure? For more information and to book your place visit us here

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