Shared Tents - Not so much

We have made the decision that for the remainder of the 2021 season (once we get underway) we will not be reverting back to shared tents due to the ongoing safety issues around Covid 19.

We will as last year continue on with individual tents and only use larger sharing tents for groups from the same household (unless mum wants some space lol).

Our individual tents are actually designed for 2 people and offer a good amount of room and allow you to sit up inside them, they are strong, easy to put up and pack away and to date have stood up to extremely heavy winds with no issues. Along with your tent we will issue you a comfy sleeping mat and a sleeping bag as standard.

In order to prevent cross contamination each tent set will come pre-packed in it's own rucksack, inside there you will find everything you need incl your tent set, headtorch, spare batteries etc. Where there is a need or a use of shared facilities these will be sterilised and cleaned on a regular basis with hand sanitiser and wipes available and on hand.

We do not see any of these measures detracting from your experience and indeed will only enhance the whole "wild camping" aspect and you will still have a lot of fun and room to lay your head down when it comes to it.

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