What next for The Mountain Men?

We are living in uncertain times, part of history in the making and yes it is safe to say sad times.

Most of you reading this will love your freedom, will love the feel of the open spaces, the hills, the beaches and being surrounded by nature, some of you who are new to our site and the outdoors way of life may yet to have discovered that joy but it will come, it will come.

Lock down has taken it's toll, on all of us, we would be lying if we said it has not, usually we are pretty upbeat easy going people here in The Mountain Men but whilst we remain positive I have no hesitation in confirming that we too feel a bit down. With what looks like another 3 weeks of lock-down here in Scotland the news is still pretty grim, the future is still uncertain.

Now whilst the future may be uncertain our feeling is it is going to be a sight to behold, as a nation we have an opportunity for change, for better times, for a more equal country and a fairer system, it will remain to be seen if we seize the opportunity.

Putting politics aside (best place for it most of the time), our countryside is going to be fresh and new, all of us will have the chance to see the rebirth of our country, left alone without interference from humans for weeks nature will have thrived, we have seen signs of this in the news, deer resting near peoples houses, goats coming down from the hills to eat the flowers, lol cheeky, the dolphin coming closer to shore than normal. Yes a new world awaits us people and we cannot wait to see it.

Rest assured we will be ready, we will come through this period of uncertainty and we will be there to witness the rebirth of our beautiful country. Some news reports say business will need 3 weeks to be ready to return to work, not us, 3 hours and we will be ready, in that 3 hours we will have packed the van, gone shopping for provisions and given Ritchie an hour to recover from said shopping trip and we will be there.


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