The Scottish Experience

T.M.M. Experiences, winners of The Travel and Hospitality: "Tour Company of the Year: Scotland" award for 2020. Our core business is The Scottish Experience, a series of wild camp experiences around Scotland, we have The Skye Experience, The Arran Experience, The NC500 Experience and The Tailored Experience.

Now we say wild camping because we go places others won’t take you but it is not all roughing it in small tents and rain, our Scottish Experiences use large walk in tents with folding cot beds and even a covered portable Eco friendly toilet, indeed we supply absolutely everything you need for a comfortable trip, you need only bring sensible clothes and a sense of adventure. Alas we cannot control the weather but we can mitigate for it.

One of the things that sets us apart from other tour operators is time, as we are carrying the accommodation with us we are not forced to cram stuff in and can afford to allow you the time you need to see the sights, to take in the views and to marvel at the beauty that is Scotland.

There is no landlady waiting to meet you, no set time for dinner nor breakfast, no need to be on the road again first thing. We can set up camps at anytime of the day or evening and cook quickly afterwards. 

Taking advantage of Scotland's enviable outdoor access code we can set up in a multitude of places and can be comfortable in no time at all, now don't get us wrong, we set off each day with a plan and a place to camp but hey if we see something that particularly interests you or we spend too long in one location nobody is going to get too excited or start to rush you, on the contrary, we will simply spend that time making adjustments. Not for us 15 minutes here and 10 minutes there, no you take the time you need, why rush Scotland's beauty?