The Tailored Experience

Not everything fits into a neatly wrapped package and there may be something else you want to see when visiting our homeland. 

You may want to visit your ancestral home, tour some of our fine castles or better distilleries, we have a few of both to choose from. Golf may be your thing and you fancy a few rounds on different courses around Scotland. 


There is no set price for the Tailored Experience as 

clearly we need to know exactly what is involved but you can rest assured we will apply our experience calculator and give you not only a good price but value for money.

Whatever is on your agenda we can tailor a wild camping experience to meet your needs, hey we will even surpass your requirements as standard.

You provide us with your hit list, how many are in your group and we will work our the itinerary for you and guide you throughout. You will find us quite knowledgeable in most subjects although not that great at golf.

Your options are boundless, we can use small backpacker

tents. large walk in tents or even combine them both and 

afford you the best of both worlds, until we know exactly

what it is you require it is impossible to say how we need to organise the experience.

For more information on The Tailored Experience contact us here or email us at


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